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I am extremely proud to announce the All Seasons bonding pouches that I created. The All Seasons bonding pouches are very unique in their own way. The All Seasons bonding pouches can be worn with the cotton flap down when the temperature is comfortable and sugar gliders can see what's around them. The cotton flap can be zipped up when the sun is shining too bright or when it gets cool out.

The new All Seasons bonding pouches have only D-rings on them, to discourage use of bonding pouches as unsupervised cage pouches, and also to minimize noise while laundering.

The All Seasons bonding pouches come in three sizes:

  • Mini All Seasons bonding pouch is good for 1-3 sugar gliders

  • Original All Seasons bonding pouch is good for 3-6 sugar gliders

  • Oversized All Seasons bonding pouch is good for a colony of up to 10 sugar gliders (custom order only).

The All Seasons bonding pouches can be customized and extra time will be needed to make any custom order. For a custom All Seasons bonding pouch, please contact me.

The All Seasons bonding pouches are equipped with:

  • two zippers in coordinating colors, opening in opposite directions

  • front double mesh window and fleece back

  • fleece in coordinating colors, in boxed corners for extra roominess

  • an option of metal or plastic D-rings on pouch and snap hooks on harness

A waistline measurement is needed to secure a proper fit of the harness which comes with the All Seasons bonding pouch.

Fabric Choices can be seen here. If the choices on the fabric page aren't right for you there is also the option of sending in fabric for me to use (contact me for further information on how much fabric you need and what the discount is!)

(Please note: all prices shown include shipping within the US only.)

Regular Size All Seasons Bonding Pouch $45
Waist Size For Harness:
Fabric Choice:

Mini All Seasons Bonding Pouch $35
Waist Size For Harness:
Fabric Choice:



Our Sugar Gliders love the pouches that are handmade with love by me, with utmost safety in mind. The pouches have two layers - the outside one of cotton for extra stability and shape and the inside of fleece for warmth and comfort. These pouches are seamless and are stitched in tiniest stitches possible. They are very nice and roomy because of the boxed corners at the bottom. The pouches come with either lanyard clips or plastic C-links, depending on your preference.

These pouches are available in several sizes: Single/Pair, Quad, Colony and Jumbo

The cage pouches can be easily customized in preferred colors, cotton and fleece and in size. I can also construct other pieces to create a complete cage set.

Contact me for further help. 


For those who would not even be caught wearing a bonding pouch, don't worry! A bonding T-shirt is the answer! A bonding T-shirt can be worn underneath a shirt. If and when a sugar glider decides to wake up and say, "HI!", the glider would still be between two layers of clothing, so escape is prevented this way. The bonding T-shirts come in many colors and sizes. Please contact me for further details.

Gifts by Jen features marvelous gifts for the special people in your life. The signature item will be our terrific totebags, photos below :)

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