The sick kittens who prompted me asking for a pouch. Elijah and Eve came to me one big giant mess. Dehydrated,infested with fleas, eyes so flea bitten they were swollen shut, bodies very cool and knocking on heavens door. They were found outside a church and were turned into the shelter. Sara and woman at the front desk saw their poor condition and knew they were to be put down asap! So she kept them hidden told to higher ups they were healthy kittens who needed to be fed is all. So she gave me an the "911 kitten call". I flew to the shelter not knowing the ful extent of their condition. I saw them and my heart just broke for their poor souls. I looked at Sara and ask "How am I going to save them? They are already half way to heaven." She smiled and said well I know they look bad but if anyone can save them it is you. I picked them up and they were just little limp bags of bones. My fingers sank into their skin and all I could feel were hundreds of fleas under my finger tips. I rushed them home got out the heating pad stuck them on it and tried to warm them up. I next got out my IV bag, I filled a syringe up with fluids for each warmed the fluids under the heating pad. I then gave them a shot of fluids and prayed for the best. Eve was barely breathing and Elijah couldn't move. I watched them like a hawk. After 8 hours they started to wiggle around. I then mixed up a special formula and they only ate 1cc, knowing that it would not be close to enough for them, I encourged them to eat at least 3cc. They fought me with every drip. Another round of fluids then more formula was routine for 30 hours! Their want to live increased with each hour that passed. After I had them stable and eating I worked on their flea problem. I bathed them and blood just poured off their bodies it looked like a murder scene in my sink! I whiped their eyes clean and got to have my first look into their big blue eyes. I got to see into the souls of the lives I was fighting for. It brought me to tears. After their bath they were much calmer and didnt not cry because of all the pain cause by being bitten by
hundreds of fleas. The following week came the white diarrhea and calcium deficiency issues. Where Elijah's life was now even more on the line as he was much weaker then his sister Eve. I spoke with the shelters Vet who suggested another round of fluids in Elijah followed by a higher amount of calcium and Vit D in their diets. The next two weeks I fed my babies and while Eve was improving Elijah was not. Elijah had already won me over with his spunky cuddly personality and he had become "mamas favorite" I was losing faith in myself and in his life. I felt like he was never going to get better the vet told me not to give up on him untill he tells me he dosent want to fight anymore. So through many tears I said ok Doc you know best. I kept doing what I was and pulled out some old sugar glider pouches to put Elijah in so I oculd take him with me every where. Well The problem with the glider pouches were they were just way to small and nor roomy enough for my baby so I stopped using them. I decided to ask you if you would be intrested in creating a special pouch for me and long behold there were pics of the AS pouch! I was in awe it was just what I was looking for! I just needed it bigger. Well Elijah did not get to use this pouch for I had him back to normal health and he is now a happy and healthy 4 week old kitten. However the day after the pouch arrived in the mail one of my 2 week old foster kittens the runt was not doing so well. So i placed him in the pouch and he has been with me all day! The pouch is amazing Jen ! I could not have asked for it to be any better than what it is! The kitten loves the soft fleece and is snuggled up right now in it. I can wander about the house and know at all times he is safe and can check on him constantly. Thank you for such a wonderful pouch and for being apart of my passion to save these helpless live that otherwise would be over looked and not hav a sceond chance! Many hugs and kitten kisses to you and your fur babies my babies and I thank you from our hearts for a wonderful pouch!


Attached are pics of Elijah and Eve when I got them and one from a week ago :)

This is my little foster baby snuggled up in my brand new AS pouch. You can see it has his seal of approval as well as mine.This will make my
work with sick kittens so much easier. Thank you!

Although I've owned Sugar Gliders for several years, my first love is skunks - it was actually while looking for skunks that I found out about sugar gliders.

I now own two sugar gliders and six domestic skunks.  This summer I was given two baby skunks that were a result of an accidental breeding between two domestic skunks, the mother had no idea how to care for them, I received them at about 4-5 wks old - it was apparent that one of them was blind and much much smaller than her sibling. After being taken to the vet to be de-scented, it was determined that she has no eyeballs - she also won't get a whole lot bigger - just a genetic mishap. We named her "Shyla" which means blind in Latin.  She was very scared and didn't want to be touched.  I got to thinking that what I needed was a pouch to carry her in so that she would be with me and get used to sounds and noises.

A friend of mine suggested one of Jen's AS pouches.  I don't know why I didn't think of her before!  I had met Jen several years ago and actually had one of her AS pouches for my sugar gliders. I wrote to Jen and told her what I needed (an AS pouch only bigger than what she normally makes for Sugar Gliders) and why.  She jumped right on it.  Within the next couple of days we kept in touch back and forth asking for measurements, picking out material (she found skunks of course). Jen made the pouch a priority since she knew how badly I needed it and then sent it overnight when I asked if she could do that.

Shyla is in it now as I type.  She doesn't like it at first because she still isn't comfortable being picked up. Once she's in it, she snuggles right down and goes to sleep.  She's getting more used to it and is getting to the point where she will stick her head up to the mesh and smell or listen - which is exactly why I wanted the pouch for her! As more time goes by, I'm sure she'll come around even more and may even get to where she's excited when I pick her up because she knows she'll be going out and about.

Jen, once again - you're wonderful and you went above and beyond the call of duty - I appreciate it and so does Shyla (even if she doesn't know it yet).

If you look closely in the upper corner of this one you can see her head and the stripe on the front of her face through the mesh.

Here she is inside the pouch:

I received one of Jen's awesome tote bags for my 13th birthday this year. It's simply amazing! My mom had gotten one this spring and I kept "borrowing" it so mom never had hers. Little did I know my mom was working with Jen to get me my own :)

She worked with my mom to pick out the perfect fabric and the perfect colors. All of my friends are jealous and they want one. It's big enough I can use it for a bag to carry all my books and school supplies in if I want to (I don't want to because I'm too scared someone would try and steal it.) I use it every day to go to the store or library. You don't know what you're missing if you don't have one!

I have an All Seasons Bonding Pouch (commonly referred to as an AS Bonding Pouch) from Jennifer and it is freaking awesome! Many people commonly get these mixed up and confused with the sissy pouches but they are ten times better (in my opinion) than anything out there! These bonding pouches have a main zipper that then allows the screen to be visible and then..there is another zipper (going in the opposite direction) that opens the pouch itself. Then there is a HUGE opening that gives you FULL access to the pouch. These pouches are great for long travels and I really love having one. They are also nice to use during long Glider Gatherings so they don’t get slung around on your side, but attached with a harness to your back. AS Bonding Pouches will always be a favorite of Dayton Gliders!


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